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Warning: This product has been known to cause wagging tails!

Pooch Potty is a fantastic solution to help with puppy housetraining or housebreaking your adult dog. Better than Dog Litter, newspapers, or Wee Wee Piddle pads (or other absorbent pads). Think of it like a Dog Litter box only with real live grass!

Don't make your puppy or dog hold his bladder anymore and help to prevent unwanted indoor potty accidents or marking by male dogs - by offering your dog access to fresh grass twenty-four hours a day. Say good-bye to messy dog litter or piddle pads ripped up all over your floor. Pooch Potty can be used as an indoor dog potty or an outdoor dog potty. Put it on your patio, balcony, deck, terrace, boat or anywhere that you'd like to teach your dog to go to for his designated potty place. Even dog owners with backyards will use Pooch Potty in order to save their yards and lawns from being killed by dog urine. Living on the beach can be easier, as well as living in a house that has a pool and cement in the back. Hi-rise and apartment living with a dog or puppy can be a challenge without your very own Pooch Potty.

Many dog owners have already tried to put sod or grass on their patio or balcony and have discovered that it can be a big mess without a good potty box to put it in. Pooch Potty is so fantastic because it is simplistic and designed for ease of use. No bells and whistles here . . . just high function! 

No more worrying about getting stuck late at work or caught in a traffic jam. Pooch Potty brings you the peace of mind - and your dog the comfort that he won't have to struggle to hold his bladder anymore. Dogs should be able to have access to their own doggie toilet any time of day. During rain or snow, Pooch Potty is a lifestyle change for you and your dog! (especially little dogs who don't like the rain or the cold) Elderly dogs or handicapped pets can be brought enormous comfort from having a dog potty that is easy to access - or pets who have just had surgery. Even incontinent dogs can be saved the embarrassment of accidents of their potty is nearby and quick to get to. Handicapped pet owners can also have a lifestyle change by having the comfort of a dog potty that serves as a great back up to their regular dog walker.