Amazing Blog by Professional Trainer


I recently discovered an incredibly informative dog blog written by Austin dog trainer Stephen Haynes . He has obviously put a lot of work and effort into maintaining his blog and his philosophy towards dogs is right in line with my own. He really has some fantastic ideas and suggestions for many common behavioral problems, all solving them with kindness and compassion towards the four legged set.

He wrote a very kind blog about his experiences using Pooch Potty and I wasn't even aware of it until a friend of mine found it online! This is the kind of small business owner I love to support - someone who just cares about making recommendations about things he believes in, not because he has something to gain from it. I hope I can always keep that kind of integrity when I make recommendations to my own customers.

Anyway, ever since I discovered his dog blog - I just love checking in to his website on a weekly basis, to see what new stories he has posted about all of his adventures in dog training. Definitely worth a read for anyone wanting to understand more about how it is their dogs tick.

Happy canine-people communicating to us all!