What's the Difference?

Pooch Potty welcomes Cosmopolitan Canine to the marketplace!

Pooch Potty welcomes brand new competitor Cosmopolitan Canine to the dog potty marketplace. For the first time, we have found a competitor who has come up with a potty solution option that is designed for function ability (rather than promising "gimmicks" like the other competitors we have talked about before).

Here is the basic idea behind Cosmopolitan Canine's Penthouse Potty. Designed to be used for synthetic sod - they have come up with a brilliant drainage system that is so easy to clean - it blows away the other companies that promise a drainage tray. Their product is designed to be used with synthetic sod (that you can purchase from them as well).

What we like best about them is that they promote keeping the potty sanitary by regular rinsing & cleaning of the synthetic sod. Their boxes are hand-crafted by a professional carpenter and put together with precision, so there is no leakage (unlike the other products we've heard about with drainage systems). Because they are made with such care - their boxes are more expensive than the other drainage products on the marketplace, but the function ability of it just makes it so well worth it.


In the past we have discouraged customers from using boxes with drainage trays, only because there were no effective ones on the marketplace. We can now get behind this competiting product because it is designed so well.

So to recap:

Pooch Potty boxes

    - Designed to use with real sod (to replace weekly)

    - Not designed to use with synthetic sod 

Cosmopolitan Canine's Penthouse Potty boxes

    - Designed to use with synthetic sod

    - Not designed to use with real sod with soil (the soil retains moisture & will prevent drainage)


Here are pictures of Cosmopolitan Canine's Penthouse Potty box next to another competitor's box that features a drainage system. You can clearly see why we are recommending one over the other.


Cosmopolitan Canine's Penthouse Potty

Competitor with drainage trayPooch Potty does not have a vested interest in any competitor's product or service. We simply want our customers to know all of their choices - and if our product is not right for your needs, we want you to know the other options available to you and make sure you make an informed purchase.