Questions to ask any company before buying

Does their box come fully assembled? 
Pooch Potty is a fully assembled, self contained box that does not leak. 

If you have to assemble it yourself, what type of seals or protection is there from leakage (from where the pieces of the box fit together)   
If the box has a tray underneath to collect urine, is it guaranteed not to leak?

If a box cracks or breaks, are you allowed to exchange it for a new box?
If for any reason, for the life of your dog, your Pooch Potty cracks or breaks, we will replace it, no questions asked. (no one has taken us up on this offer since 1994, our boxes are just that well made!)

How long does it take to receive the box? 
   Pooch Potty is not just some impersonal mail order company, we are a small business who cares about our customers.  We understand that many times a new customer needs a potty solution immediately.  We will try our best to ship it out the same day if you call us early enough.

Do they offer weekly sod deliveries?  If so, are any delivery, mileage, shipping or handling fees included?  If not, what are those additional charges?
Pooch Potty supplies weekly sod nationwide, with no hidden fees.  The weekly price includes S&H, and any mileage or delivery fees.

If a competitor claims that you will not have to change the sod out weekly with their box, will they stand behind the safety of that claim?  If so, ask them if they guarantee to cover any vet bills if your dog should get sick from a bacterial virus? 

Pooch Potty only promotes the sanitary usage of any dog potty product.  Picking up the feces daily, changing the sod weekly & thoroughly cleaning the box out each week to get rid of any bacteria.  We have actually been known to turn away business from customers who we felt were not on board for keeping their potty a safe and sanitary place for their dogs.   Your dog's health and safety is more important to us, than the sale of a box. 

We also don't promote over using the box or leaving your dogs alone all day & overnight without walks or exercise.  

Of course, our own customers don't have to be told this . . . because Pooch Potty customers are the best dog owners! 

We love people who love their dogs!

Call us Toll Free: 866-265-5826

Warning:  This product has been known to cause wagging tails!