Return Policy

Due to sanitary reasons, Pooch Potty boxes & sod are non-refundable.

This is why we urge you to be sure you understand what a commitment it is on your part to have a successful experience implementing Pooch Potty into your lifestyle.

If you are not sure what size Pooch Potty box is right for you, we recommend the Small box for a dog that is 12 pounds and under, a Medium box for a dog that is up to 25 pounds, a Large box for a dog that is any larger. For multiple dogs using it, always get a larger size than you think you need.   Be sure to measure your balcony before ordering! 

You want this to be a positive experience for your dog - consider if he will have enough room to comfortably walk around (to "circle" before making a number two).

We also want to make sure you understand the ongoing maintenance required to use a Pooch Potty box with success.  
Picking up the feces daily, changing the sod weekly (and doing a thorough cleaning of the box at that time).  

We also want to make sure you know that Pooch Potty is not a replacement for walking your dog. 
It is meant to only be used as a potty supplement for your dog's convenience and your peace of mind. PLEASE don't leave your dog alone all day and overnight (like one of our competitors promotes) - this is supposed to be a positive addition into your dog's lifestyle, not a form of punishment. 

Lastly,  we recommend having a plan in place for how you will train your dog to use the Pooch Potty.
Introducing your dog to the Pooch Potty may be very simple if your dog is already accustomed to going potty on grass. We have lots of training tips on our website to help get you started.  Pooch Potty is a fantastic tool for housetraining and also as a backup potty, but only if you make the commitment to train your dog to use it.  

However, in some cases, a professional dog trainer is recommended, not only for a new puppy who is just learning to be housetrained, but also for older dogs who are being asked to adapt to a new situation. In the case of a dog who knows to go potty outside on grass, but is not yet using the Pooch Potty, there could be numerous factors contributing to this. Things such as emotional issues, environmental issues, is the dog afraid of getting in trouble, is the Pooch Potty placed somewhere that is too noisy or difficult for the dog to get to? A professional dog trainer can come into your home and properly and thoroughly assess the entire situation. Please let us know if you need any good dog trainer recommendations in your neighborhood. We have several listed on our links page (in order to be listed here, a dog trainer has to have been recommended by one of our own customers). 

Is it true that I can get a discount on my Pooch Potty box if I have a rescue dog?
Yes indeed! We LOVE you for adopting a rescue dog. Love love love you!!!!! We love you so much we would marry you if we could! Please email us at your adoption paperwork and we will give you $50 off the purchase price of your Pooch Potty box. 

Is it true that I can get a discount on my Pooch Potty box if I volunteer at a local animal rescue organization?
Yes - we love you too! If you volunteer at least 20 hours a year, we will give you $50 off the purchase price of your Pooch Potty box. Please have the animal rescue organization that you volunteer for, write us a letter verifying this (on their letterhead). Our fax number is: 310-358-9918.


Call us at 310-358-9918
Warning: This product has been known to cause wagging tails!